Patrik Antonius: “Lots of money stuck on Full Tilt”

De Finse highstakes cashgamer Patrik Antonius sprak tijdens de WSOPE in Cannes voor het eerst over het Full Tilt Poker schandaal. “Obviously, I had nothing to do with the management”, liet de Fin weten. Antonius zal flink wat dollars moeten missen als de pokerroom niet gered wordt: “I will end up being one of the biggest losers, if Full Tilt goes down. I had a lot of money stuck there.”

In een interview met PokerTube sprak Patrik Antonius over de WSOP in Cannes, de cashgames in Macau en de situatie bij Full Tilt Poker. Bekijk het interview hieronder.


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  1. Ik vraag me wel eens af hoeveel zo’n high stakes speler verliest door de ondergang van FullTilt

  2. Subject: Poker founder, Editor-in-Chief, General Manager and TwoPlusTwo moderator Noah “NoahSD” Stephens-Davidowitz claims that Patrik Antonius has less than $100 in his FTP account, and that “he owes FTP a smallish amount”.

    Davidowitz’s statement comes right after Antonius made a video interview with

    In the interview Antonius told that he would be one of the biggest losers if Full Tilt Poker goes down, since he has a large amount stuck on the site.

    According to Davidowitz this is not however the case.

    “Eh.. I’ll post this because that interview pissed me off: Antonius has less than $100 in his FTP account, and he owes FTP a smallish amount.”, Davidowitz told today on TwoPlusTwo poker forums.

    Later he also added these comments:

    -PA’s not a US resident, so he had 2.5 months to get his money off the site. I don’t know if that’s what happened, but it seems reasonable to assume.

    -He stopped playing in May. FTP shut down June 29th. He has less than $100 in his account right now.

    -I don’t think I said anything that was unclear or misleading in the slightest. People were talking about how it was surprising that Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan both have very little money in their accounts right now.

    -I pointed out that there was a 2.5 month gap between when Dwan was no longer able to cash out and when Antonius was no longer able to cash out. I didn’t say that he cashed out all of his money on April 16th.

    Follow the discussion here.

    Update 18.10.2011:

    Finnish poker news site contacted Patrik Antonius’ representative this morning and according to him;

    “Antonius has a significant financial interest in Full Tilt Poker, although his own account balance was very low. Debts between players have been frozen (since Full Tilt closed operation) and most of the Patrik Antonius’ possible losses are related to this. In addition, Full Tilt owes Antonius money.”, representative said.

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