Highstakes: Gus Hansen swingt in Macau

De Deen Gus Hansen won en verloor in Macau gigantische potten in de highstakes cashgames. In zijn recente blogupdates vertelt Hansen over een verloren pot van $1.9 miljoen. Gelukkig voor ‘The Great Dane’ wist hij er ook één binnen te harken van zo’n $1.7 miljoen.

Hansen is niet vies van wat fysieke uitdaging en zet in Macau marathonsessie na marathonsessie aan de cashgametafels neer. Afgelopen weekend verloor Hansen een pot van $1.9 miljoen. Hansen vertelt in zijn blog (de bedragen zijn in HKD):

“With blinds of 10K-20K I encouraged “Under the Gun” to make a straddle for 40K and then I would make it 80K. The ensuing action looked good for me for just about 17 seconds — 3 blinds up against each other with just over 1 Million HK$ in the pot preflop and I am holding the pretty . Flop and with the small blind checking and the 40K straddler betting 550K I felt my best play was to go all-in for 5.3Mill.

“I do not regret my all-in move, but when the small blind cold-calls 3.7Mill and the bettor is counting his outs and figuring out his pot-odds, I have a BAD feeling of what’s in store for me — A set and the nut-flush draw! And indeed it was, I am down to runner-runner straight or runner-runner full house — not a great spot to be in.”

De enorme pot ging verloren, maar al snel volgde er een nieuwe blogupdate met goed nieuws:

“When you put your opponent on either a set or a flush-draw and the board pairs on the river AND completes the flush, is it good to call a 4.2mill bet? Once again the answer is probably not! The bad news is I paid 4.2Mill to find out – The good news is my opponent was bluffing and I dragged in a 13.5Mill pot at the end of the session.”

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