Team Unibet klaar voor thuiswedstrijd

De Unibet Open Praag vindt komende week plaats. Een kolfje naar de hand van de mannen van Team Unibet, waarvan een deel woont in de Tsjechische hoofdstad. De persbriefing van Unibet leerde ons dat de mannen meer dan prima presteren so far. In het Engels, want de redactie is lui dat leest lekker ‘internationaal’.
Daniel van Kalkeren is one of the five members of the Dutch Poker Pro Team. As a loyal player of Unibet and his achievements during the Unibet Opens, he was asked to join the group in 2009. This year he played for the first time an EPT where he proved that he is also able to reach the FT outside the Unibet Opens. If he is not travelling for poker you will find him in the football stadium in Holland or abroad supporting his local club: FC Twente.
Cashes (4): FT (no 7) UO Budapest 2009; HCSOP Summer Classics 2009; FT (no 8) EPT Snowfest 2010, WSOP 2010 event #54 (11th).
Tim van de Riet reached the FT at the first Unibet Open. Even though he was an avid tennis player, he decided to make the switch to focus fully on his poker career. He has proven that this was the right thing to do, as he reached the FT of the prestigious Master Classics 2009 in Amsterdam.
Cashes (4): FT (no 2) UO Madrid 2008; UO London 2009; FT (no. 5 and best Dutch player) MCOP 2009, HCSOP Twente.
Huub Verdonschot is the youngest member of the Dutch team, but nevertheless one you have to keep an eye on. You will find him fully focused at the poker tables online and offline, with as highlight WSOP and Snowfest 2010. As a loyal team member he found it sometimes hard to choose between his poker and ice hockey ambitions. (Dat Huub Verdonschot kan ijshockeyen, zagen we al in zijn Sidebet met Nicky Roeg. Gemist? Bekijk het filmpje hier >>>).
Cashes (3): WSOP Main event 2009; (no. 9) EPT Snowfest 2010, Winner team event HCSOP Twente.
Paul Valkenburg is part of the Dutch poker team. He has got a proven track of record of achievements which shows that he is a poker pro in every kind of way. Every where Paul goes he will end ITM. On top of that he is also able to entertain the audience with his writing skills, as he is one of the few poker pros who can tell how he experience his crazy poker lifestyle on daily base.
Cashes (11): 2 x WSOP 2008, WSOP 2009 main event, UO London 2009 (19e), Belgian Championship, EPT Snowfest 2010 (25e), EPT San Remo 2010 (24e), 2nd HCSOP Twente team event, 3x WSOP 2010 wherof one at the main event.
Marco Adams is also member of the Dutch “greenies” team. He started online but has proved that he is able to compete in live tournaments. In 2009 Unibet Open was organized in his hometown, where he finally got the chance to shine and show what he is capable of.
Cashes (4): FT (no. 2) UO Prague 2009; WSOP 2008,2009; EPT Snowfest 2010.
Vlnr: Tim van de Riet, Huub Verdonschot, Marco Adams, Daniel van Kalkeren en Paul Valkenburg.


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